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Tu Madre


An exceptionally unique skateboard tailored to you

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Highest quality

Extremely light & high quality slalomskateboards

Design by Hadestrand

Designed by the fastest slalomfamily in the world

Produced in Sweden

Produced by hand in Stockholm, Sweden

Light as a feather and stiff as a board

  • Length: 81 cm
  • Wheelbase short: 55 cm
  • Wheelbase long: 57 cm
  • Width middle: 19,3 cm
  • Width tail (over foot): 17,5 cm
  • Width nose (over foot): 18,5 cm
Length: 81 cm
Wheelbase short: 55 cm
Wheelbase long: 57 cm
Width middle: 19,3 cm
Width tail (over foot): 17,5 cm
Width nose (over foot): 18,5 cm
  • High glossy carbon fibre
  • Deep kick for better push
  • Deep concave for better grip
  • Middle length for allround slalom racing

Tu Madre family. Join us!

Viktor Hadestrand

World champ banked slalom

Viking Hadestrand

European champ tightslalom

Mikael Hadestrand

Guinness world record holder

Peter Menke

Master racer

Gustavs Gailītis

Latvian downhill champ

Frederik Lieberath

2nd place master European championships


Tu madre slalom crew


About Tu madre

Viktor Hadestrand studied in snowboarding high school in the Swedish Alps back in 2008. He created the clothing brand Tu madre and produced clothes that quickly became popular among the Swedish snowboard elite.

Little brother Viktor, big brother Viking and dad Mikael Hadestrand have competed professional in slalom skateboard since 2004 and have several world titles. They have won the world, european och swedish championships multiple times.

One day during a family vacation they came up with the idea of creating their own skateboards. Their idea was to create a skateboard that is incredibly light, stiff, fast and stylish. When the family came home from the holiday they immediately started working on the design. A few months later the first skateboard was finished, tested and approved by several swedish skaters. As a result, the skateboard was much faster than expected, the fastest skateboard in the world.

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